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 Larry Krantz Flute Pages Tip
 Belgian Flute Pages
 More General...
 PiccoloHQ.com Tip
 Piccolo Flute Tip
 Introduction to the Piccolo
 Krell Piccolo Fingerings
 Life as a piccolo player Tip
 More Piccolo...
Other Flutes
 A Guide to the Irish Flute Tip
 Ring Flute
 Hogenhuis Flutes (alto - subcontra)
 Simon Polak (baroque)
 Tambin (flute from Guinea)
 More Other Flutes...
 The British Flute Society (uk)
 Pappoutsakis Flute Competition (us)
 International Competition Cimarosa (it)
 National Flute Association (us)
 4Flutes - UK Flute Charity (uk)
 More Organisations...
 FluteHistory.com Tip
  Antique Flute
 Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page
 Flute History
 Historical Woodwinds
 More History...
Education & Training
 The Flute Network Tip
 Takelessons Tip
 Flute Research Tip
 Netherlands Flute Academy (nl)
 FluteInfo.com: Fingering Charts
 More Education & Training...
 Flute Lover's Emporium Tip
 Andrew Crawford (cases)
 Lindsay Engraving (flute engraving)
 Altieri (instrument bags)
 Little Tooters (gifts)
 More Accessories...
Shops & Repair
 J. L. Smith & Co. (us-nc)
 Music123.com *
 Jean & Boris Popovich (us-ca)
 JB Weissman Music (us-ny)
 Magic Flutes (au)
 More Shops & Repair...
 Butterfly Headjoint
 Philipp Hammig
 Landell Flutes
 Windward Flutes (wood)
 Miyazawa Flute
 More Flutemakers...
Other Sites
 Flute MIDI by Kasuga Tip
 Flute Penpal Page
 Flute Players in the Movies
 Flute Quotes
 More Other Sites...
 Ronald Snijders (nl)
 Extreme Flute (Jazz mp3)
 Andrea Brachfeld (us-za - jazz/latin)
 Kenny Powell (us-va)
 Hubert Laws (Jazz flutist)
 More Non-classical...
Hearing & Ergonomy
 Protect Your Hearing Tip
 Jim Schmidt (new fingering system)
 Drelinger’s UpRite® headjoint
 Don't 'play' with pain
 More Hearing & Ergonomy...
Discussion Groups
 FluteNet @ Yahoogroups Tip
 Flute discussion group Tip
 Chiff&Fipple Flute Forum
 TootieFluties @ Yahoogroups
 8Notes Flute Forum
 More Discussion Groups...
Magazines & Newsletters
 Pan Magazine (uk)
 Fa La Ut (it)
 Traverso: Historical Flute Newsletter
 Fluit (nl)
 More Magazines & Newsletters ...
Flutists & Ensembles
 Sir James Galway (uk)
 Trevor Wye (uk)
 Bülent Evcil (tr)
 Andrea Brachfeld (us-za - jazz/latin)
 Robert Dick (us)
 More Flutists & Ensembles...
 The Flute Book Tip
 Modern Guide to Fingerings for Flute
 Tipbook Flute & Piccolo Tip
 The Simple Flute: From A to Z
 How to Play the Flute
 More Books*...
Sheet Music & Publishers
 MusicReader (future of sheet music)
 Creative Flute Free
 Flute Tunes Free
 SheetMusicPlus: Flute *
 Flute4All Sheet Music Free
 More Sheet Music & Publishers...
CDs & MP3
 Free MP3: Flute MP3
 Arrow Records
 Amazon.com: Flute CDs *
 Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company (us-tx)
 The LGEM Trio MP3
 More CDs & MP3...
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